Friday, October 8, 2004


For months I've been getting back form rejection letters from magazines re: several stories I have in circulation. Today, I opened an envelope and found a form acceptance letter! Not exactly how I expected an acceptance to arrive, but okay. I'm game.

The story, called "Five Trees," is a short-short (about 5 pages) from my thesis at VCU. I've placed it with Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, the first market to which I sent it.

I don't want to make the good folks (very, very good folks) at EQMM sound too bad. I did receive a nice e-mail from the managing editor a couple of weeks ago, letting me know the story was still being considered and asking if I qualified for their "Department of First Stories." (I do. Well, did.)

Anyway, hooray for me. Louise and I ordered in Thai food from our favorite restaurant to celebrate, though watching half of the second presidential debate has made me a little dyspeptic.


  1. Imported on behalf of: Dan

    Lee got one of those 1.9 million new jobs!

  2. Imported on behalf of: Dan

    Way to go! May this be a first of many.

    I almost got a piece of music onto an indie film destined for Sundance. It was turned down at the last minute since the music would have overpowered the scene instead of enhancing it. I'm ok with that.

  3. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    **Thanks, Dan**

    What movie was that? When? Does the director not understand that his or her "moving pictures" are there to augment your music?

  4. Imported on behalf of: Dan
    It's a movie called "About Caroline" or somesuch. My friend Grant is in the movie, and he also did the soundtrack. There was a particular scene that he thought would be perfect for one of my pieces. The director liked the music, but thought it was, like I said, too much. That pleases me.

    They did manage to get it finished in time to submit to Sundance. I haven't seen it yet, but Grant keeps saying he's going to give me a copy of it.

  5. Imported on behalf of: Mike Jasper

    Lee, this is great, great news! Congratulations! Ellery Queen is a great, venerable magazine, and you should be quite proud. Holy shit! This is so cool. I'm so glad you've kept on sending stuff out to publishers.

    Now if you sell your SF story to Sci Fiction, I'll be completely green with envy.

  6. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    **Thanks, Mike**

    It's a small achievement compared to your many publications, but it is nice to place a story and to place a story in such a nice market. Plus, I'm pleased to publish this particular story. I think it's a good one.

    I'm not holding my breath about Sci Fiction. Especially, as I haven't sent "Vineless" there yet! It "placed" in the "quarter finals" (whatever that means) of WOTF. So much for my boyhood dreams of meeting Scientologically-correct celebrities. Should go out again in the mail this week, to Sci Fiction, at your suggestion.

    You about ready to catch a baby?

  7. Imported on behalf of: mck

    Sci Fiction? i guess i've been away from the sf mag market a long time. haven't read dozois summation in a few years, even.

    Ellery Queen! used to read them at gramma's house--only choice other than reader's digest. (though we discovered a few "detective" magazines--the sort that would show one ass cheek and cleavage--stashed in grampa's belongings after he died.) "Humor in Uniform", where are you now, when the country needs to find some sort of solace in laughing at dead Iraqis and limbless Americans?

  8. Imported on behalf of: Mike Jasper
    Lee, you most definitely need to send "Vineless" to Sci Fiction (mck -- it's a great site, and it publishes the best short fiction around, and it's FREE!).

    Getting in the quarter finals is pretty good, man. They get a ton of subs. You'll just have to write more SF stories to send 'em. I do think that they keep track of the writers who send 'em good stuff, even if it doesn't get in the anthology.

  9. Imported on behalf of: Mike
    Oh, and yeah, I'm getting READY for the baby-catching. He needs to stay inside about 8-9 weeks more to cook fully, thought.

    I'm already sleep-depriving myself by getting up at 4:30 a.m. to write...