Friday, February 11, 2005

Pazz & Jop

The 2004 Pazz & Jop critics' poll is up over at the Village Voice. It's weird. Usually this is a big deal for me, but because Art was born about the time of last year's Pazz & Jop, I'm really out of the loop. Unless I'm mistaken, the only new music I bought last year was the new (last?) Libertines album. I'm _really_ out of the loop. Sonic Youth has a new album? Who is Kanye West?

I guess I knew I was behind the pop cultural times. (The Oscar nominations were similarly bewildering.) But I didn't care until I saw the Pazz & Jop.

Ah, well. Art will be out of the house in twenty years or so. I'll catch up then.


  1. Imported on behalf of: mck

    So Burl Ives was on your ballot (#8, 5 pts)? Find myself singing along w/the *Sesame Street No. 2* (#7, 6 pts) record, which I dragged back from Mom and Dad's: " 'C' is for Cookie/that's good enough for me!"; enjoying previously unknown and sadistic nursery rhymes: "the old man who wouldn't say his prayers/I grabbed him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs."; and puzzling over bizzaro second verses never sung: "twinkle, twinkle li-tul bat" (*Childrens' Sing-a-long Classics* (Reissue #5)).

    I dunno if you're behind the *pop* cultural times. *semi*-pop cultural times, yeah. This is probably the first year I've actually owned as many as 8 of the top 40 (and 6 more in the next 40) at the time P&J was published (thank you, music blogs/hennepin library system/digital ripping). Lemme know, (ahem) what you *need*.

    Wasn't it as though you stepped into the 60s? (Beach Boy and Loretta Lynn place and show!) Or the 90s? (Green Day and U2 top ten!)

    Kanye: He's the guy who chipmunked 80s r&b for samples as a producer, then wrote his own comedy album. He's on teevee all the time. "Jesus Walks" is nicely ominous, even if this Jesus is an assistant capitalist.

    F. Ferdinand: Think Strokes, only dancier. I put *Room on Fire* and *Franz Ferdinand* together in a playlist and shuffled 'em, and still have a hard time telling the difference.

    Scissor Sisters: Kitschy gay bunch who do a mean Elton John impersonation and a Pink Floyd cover.

  2. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    I forgot. Louise got that Brian Wilson album for her birthday, so between us we have two new albums. Sort of new.

    Franz Ferdinand sounds interesting, though from what Louise says it might be a little too New Wave-y for me.

    And I did hear some new Green Day song on the tv the other day and was shocked at how bad it was. I rather liked \_Dookie\_ .

    Our CD's still are not unpacked, so we've been listening mostly to \_No!\_ by They Might Be Giants (a recent acquisition, though we know several of the songs thanks to Danny T) and a tape--one side School House Rock (the original versions), the other size the Rutles ("Goose Step Mamma" is good kiddie music). Burl songs are long on animal cruelty and suffering. E.g., "Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit / Your eyes are mighty red / Yes bless God I'm almost dead" or the Christ allegory "Gray Goose."

    Art just received his birthday present, for which many thanks, Michael. We're looking forward to giving that CD a spin. I love that Jet song. I think the slow ones from that album are really good. And I think you know how I feel about slows songs generally.

  3. Imported on behalf of: Mike Jasper
    **I hear ya...**

    We haven't bought more than 2 new CDs in the past year. And we don't have a decent enough computer to mess with downloading music, and with a youngster, who has time?

    Though I do think the new Green Day album is good (except for that one song, "I Walk Alone," which is the one I think you heard). Good angry tunes for a country that needs more pissed-off people instead of the zombies so many of us have become (present company excluded, of course).