Monday, March 14, 2005

Freak of the Week

My baby mama brought my attention to this story on NPR today. Well worth a listen. Donald Knuth is the best kind of freak.

I'm familiar with TeX, the typesetting software he wrote, just so he could write his magnus opus. And I would like to read said opus, but--yikes!--$165 for the set, and it does not qualify for FREE Super Saver shipping, so don't think about bothering Amazon.

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  1. Imported on behalf of: Dan
    The last book I read was 'Mandy the Monkey'. It's an inspirational journey to enlightment for a little monkey who is afraid to hang upside down by her tail like the other monkeys.

    Are there pictures in 'The Art of Computer Programming'? It seems, from the title, that there would be. Perhaps I could read that to Emily when she wants to delay bedtime by reading a book.