Saturday, February 18, 2006

Twenty-four Months

Well, our son turns two years old today. No more keeping track of the months I guess.

In other news, this fellow took a rest on our clothes line. We think it's a peregrine falcon, which used to be endangered, but apparently is back to being a nuisance.

A lot better than the 14 turkey vultures roosting in one of our trees this morning. [Great big Simpsons style shudder.]

Perhaps we have some carrion somewhere in the yard?


  1. Imported on behalf of: Mike Jasper
    **Two Years!**

    Happy B-day to Art! I was hoping for a picture of him, but the falcon was cool, too. Two years, already?? Amazing.

    Carrion my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done.

    Or something...

  2. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    I might be able to sneak a birthday picture or two up on the site. I'll have to get them from L.'s computer onto mine, though.

    FWIW, I meant "black vultures," not "turkey vultures." The latter do not congregate in creepy, great flocks.

  3. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    Wrong again, Capps!

    L. sent an email to William and Mary. The bird is a juvenile, red-shouldered hawk.

    Crikey! It gets bigger than this?