Monday, December 18, 2006

Birthday Miracle

I got my birthday wish, just didn't know it until today. Robert Christgau is back after being so mistreated by the Village Voice, the crappy ol' rag. Finally we can get our monthly fix of mini music reviews compressed to near (?) incomprehensibility. The new Outkast sounds groovy to me.

(I'm trying to pretend I don't notice the evil new domain name.)


  1. Imported on behalf of: McI
    Like Columbus Day and Arbor Day all rolled into one!

    It's the Jackin' Pop poll! (since P & J won't be the same w/o XGau?)

  2. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    Cool! Thanks for the link. I haven't had a chance to really check it out yet, but I did see Christgau's ballot. (Where's Grilled Cheese, though? They call this a critics poll?!)