Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I haven't had much to say about basketball this year, but we've been watching as much Duke basketball as screaming young'n's allow. It's a strange year. Expectations are low, which means the season should be less disappointing than, say, last year. Anyway, a few tidbits:

  • When they cut to Josh McRoberts' mother, the Little Lady sings, Stacy's mom has got it going on . . . .
  • We call Jon Scheyer "Tigerbeat," as in Jon "Tigerbeat" Scheyer.
  • Predictably, Tigerbeat is the new pin-up on the Little Lady's computer desktop.
  • With Redick gone, someone had to be a man, step up, and start committing stupid turnovers. Paulus has proven himself more than adequate for the job.
  • Coach K.'s hair helmet is showing signs of weakness. Is that a comb-over?
  • The Cameron Crazies are not what they used to be. I routinely hear lame boo-ing. Where are the spontaneous, clever cheers?
  • Fortunately, we have a new Sixth Man: Our Timekeeper.


  1. Imported on behalf of: McIdonthaveFoxSports
    I can't remember if it was Scheyer's or McRobert's mom, but we thought the color on our teevee had gone wrong. No, she was actually wearing white lip gloss, or whatever it is the kids these days put on to go out.

    The Wife on this end was disappointed with this year's crop of freshmen for "tigerbeat" replacement. She has no pin-ups of the current crop on her team.

    Also from the Wife: "At least De'Nelson keeps up the Duke tradition--Nate James, Chris Carrawell--of having one player with no neck."

    That timekeeper's from Carolina!

    I'm interested in more playing time for the Zoos! (Pote-zeus and Zoubek) Seriously, Zoubek can be at least twice the player Koubek ever was, no?

    Alternate History Question: was McClure the missing piece (and all purpose bench relief) from last year's team to escape the sour sixteen? He screens, he rebounds, he screens some more! I guess last year's team had the screens, though they might've coulda used some rest.

    Future Question: If McClure's knee heals and he develops a shot from beyond, say, 4 feet, can he be McBattier?

  2. Imported on behalf of: McI
    Jesus, you need editing on here. That, or I need to read my shit before posting.

  3. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    As I recall, you could always count on Koubek to be up for a Carolina game. Maybe Zoubek is our secret weapon for next week?

    I don't know what Marty does to piss off the coach, but he needs to stop. He came in and really kicked ass for what? Three four minutes? And then we never see him again. What gives? [Also, is that how the kids wear their hair in Vilnius?]

    Yeah, I know. We need editing in the sassbacks. I've got a plan drawn up for implementing such editing. It's written on a piece of legal paper wadded up in the bottom of my purse/bookbag/briefcase thing. Or at least it was the last time I looked. For all I know it fell out in the parking lot of the Food Lion by now.

  4. Imported on behalf of: McI
    With Things One & Two, I don't know how you even have time to irregularly post here, much less upgrade shit.

    I'm told John Denver (ca. Oh God!) is real big in Baltic circles. Especially among the Livonians...

  5. Imported on behalf of: Lee

    Why did I write about basketball? Writing about basketball is a jinx.