Friday, October 19, 2007

Avery 2 Preview

The editors of Avery, in which my story "Woodpile" is to appear, have posted a preview of issue 2, including the cover image, snippets of fiction, and interior illustrations. Ahem.

Wow, does that look slick. It makes me all smiley.

They've also planned a reading/fundraiser (they're a non-profit). If I lived anywhere close to Brooklyn I'd go:

The Avery Anthology is holding a reading on November 3rd at Stain in Brooklyn, New York (766 Grand Street). And if we make some money over the course of the night, that'd be fine with us!

We're happy to announce that Leigh Newman will be reading from her story "How Monster is Monster?" which was included in Avery 1. Additionally, Jonny Diamond (yes, that's his real name) has agreed to give us a taste of Avery 2, which is slated to come out in early December. He'll be reading from his story called "Notes on an Elevator Man (a story in thirty chapters)." Leigh gives us a little bit of seriousness, and Jonny gives us a little bit of playfulness. Every successful night should have a little bit of both.

Additionally, we'll be raffling off some great books, donated by publishers such as McSweeney's. Raffle tickets will be pretty cheap - five bucks or so - so it's definitely worth a shot. Be sure to bring either cash or check. No credit card swiper here, folks.

We'll also auction off a piece of art. Ricardo Leme, our Avery 2 artist, has matted his illustration for a story called "The Zoo" by Rae Meadows. It's quite beautiful. And it can be yours.

You can check out our website ( to see all of Ricardo's illustrations and to read the beginnings of each Avery 2 story.

All of the money raised will go directly towards the printing costs of Avery 2. No, we're not ashamed to admit that we're a little shy.

Monetarily, not socially, of course.

We'll have plenty of copies of Avery 1, too. For ten bucks you get 19 stories and 19 beautiful illustrations. And you can pre-order a copy of Avery 2, as well, if you're so inclined.

Here's hoping you will be. Here's hoping you and some friends will show up and support yet another literary endeavor.

Thanks for reading this announcement. We'd love it if you could pass it along to any other interested and/or interesting parties. All the best, Steph, Adam, and Andrew

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