Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Story Available at Indelible Kitchen

I've been meaning to post this for a while. My short-short story, Sap is available for your perusal at Indelible Kitchen, the online arm of very cool small press, Popular Ink.

Also, check out their nifty t-shirt/chapbook series.


  1. Imported on behalf of: Mike
    Wow, man. That was pretty incredible.

    I am now very worried about letting my son (soon to be sons) out of my sight when they get a couple years older.

    Well shit.

  2. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    Well, maybe don't leave 'em alone with an axe . . . .

  3. Imported on behalf of: McI
    Heh. Sounds like you growed up in a rural place.

  4. Imported on behalf of: Dan
    What, no credit? Wait, nevermind, I don't want any for that.

  5. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    Note for posterity: This story was based on true events, true events in Dan's life.

    All my other stories are *totally* made up. Totally.