Friday, January 18, 2008

My OLPC XO-1 Has Arrived

I've had it about a week actually, and I totally dig it. My problems so far are with the keyboard, primarily. It is very tiny, designed as it is for the tiny developing fingers of the tiny developing children of the developing world. In particular, I'm having a dificult time getting the space bar to go when I press it. Oh, well.

Another problem I have is that the startup chime music was apparently donated by Bono of the rock band U2. I didn't really care about the startup chime until I learned this. Now it grates. First Bono screwed up the Grammies. Now my laptop. What next?

The word processor that comes with it is a dumbed down version of AbiWord. It's easy to dumb it back up if you need to open MS Word files and such. It's fine, though it's a dog to start up. My 375 page novel takes 2 minutes to load. 2 minutes! But it's plenty responsive once it has started up. When I begin another novel (jebus help me), I'll just edit chapters in separate files.

Not that I've really done any writing with it yet. I've mostly been getting my nerd on, installing linux command line stuff, peeking at the python source code for Sugar, the OLPC's custom graphical shell (you know, desktop) written completely in python. All of it sits atop a rather weird, customized Red Hat Fedora linux distribution. It's really cool to comb the OLPC News forums and see all of the people discovering linux and the command line for the first time as a result of the XO-1 and its still, I'm afraid, somewhat underbaked OS. I may yet replace with Debian linux, which is a more-or-less sanctioned approach for adults.

Oh, and my Xo "child" on the back is purple and gold. Go Pirates!

Obligatory up-the-nostrils shot from the built in camera.


  1. Imported on behalf of: Lee Capps
    Boy, do I have a fat head!

  2. Imported on behalf of: Mike
    It's for all those brains, man!

    I don't know nothing about that computer of yours, but damn, lookit all those books! I have shelf-envy.

  3. Imported on behalf of: Lee
    Yeah, we have a pretty nice "library," with Ikea shelves on every wall. What you can't see are the toys strewn across the floor. Looks like Santa made a crash landing in there.

  4. Sounds pretty cool, I had been aware that the idea for these was around long before it, but my dad and I each bought Eeepc's from Asus. It's the same basic idea, it's got an extremely limited version of Xandros Linux with KDE as the default window environment. However, it supports SDMMC, so I just got an 8 gig card and installed eeexubuntu (modified version of xubuntu to fit the eee). It runs fairly quickly even with compiz-fusion running its effects. Anyways, that seems like a cool machine.