Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dean Bakopoulos Interview at Avery

Over at the Avery blog, Stephanie Fiorelli interviews fiction writer Dean Bakopoulos:

SF: What kind of stuff do you read while you’re trying to work through your own writing? In other words, do you see a correlation between your reading life and your writing life?

DB: I re-read a lot of my favorite authors when I'm writing: always Chekhov and Marquez, sometimes Joyce and Woolf and Hemingway and Fitzgerald, also Ray Carver if I feel I am overwriting. Walker Percy, Grace Paley, Leonard Michaels, Jim Harrison, Richard Ford, Charlie Baxter, Rick Bass, Richard Price. I'm inspired by good prose. I'm like one of those kids who never can watch a full baseball game on TV; they'd rather go out and play. Usually, I'll read for an hour or less, and then I'll want to go and write something.

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