Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday to Monday All Mondays

Today we began our summer hours at work, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. My employer calls this the "Four Day Workweek." I call it the "Ten Hour Workday." You can't fool me with your rhetoric, Henrico County Public Schools!

Anyway, I want to stay on my 4:55 a.m. writing schedule, but this complicates things, as I need to be heading out the door about the time I'd normally be heading for the shower. So last night I showered before bed and moved everything I thought I'd need to get ready for work downstairs. Except I forgot a few things. Note to self: Toothbrush. Belt. Haircut to obviate the need for approximately one gallon of water to make my hair (what's left of it) lie flat.


  1. Happy Monday, dude!

    And I thought your tag said "baldingsroman", which I thought was pretty awesome.... ;)

    Hope you can keep up the early-morning fun.

  2. baldingsroman . . . those fancy critical terms you learn in grad school!

  3. The four-year-old, in the pool:
    "Why that man have no hair on his head? ... I think because he doesn't want to mess it up in the water."

  4. Precisely!

    Now if only I could find some way to keep my nipple hair in place.