Thursday, June 5, 2008

Muzzy-Headed and Hot

Extremely hot in Richmond today, and the air conditioning is broken at work. I was going to spend my lunch break reading the Summer Fiction Issue of The New Yorker, but I'm too hot to concentrate. I've been getting up at 4:55 a.m. each morning to write too. That's probably not helping.

Anybody know at what temperature servers start to fail? Oy.


  1. Ah come on, man! It's only 93 degrees here in Raleigh. And it's only JUNE.

    Good thing that global warming stuff is all a crock.

    4:55 a.m. -- you go, man!

  2. I know, Mike. Wuf. It's supposed to be 103 here tomorrow. I think that's Celsius.

    I'm still struggling with the 4:55 thing. The kids have been sick (and the Little Lady and now me), which has made it hard for me to get to sleep at an appropriate hour for rising early. But so far I haven't missed a day of the new regimen.

    It does feel good to have the writing done at the beginning of the day.

  3. I had to get up at 4am the other morning to update some software on our webservers at work. Screw that. 4am is a time to go to bed, not get up from it.

  4. Dan, that's what cron jobs are for.

    I wish there were some better way for me to get some writing time, but there just isn't. If I wait until night, I'm too zonked, and there's just too much that can go wrong. (Sick kids, other stuff I have to do.)

    Plus, it's just easier to get going writing at 5 a.m. I'm hardly awake, so I don't get so nervous about it.

  5. A fellar doesn't visit for a while, and comes back, and evurthing's got a new coat a paint on it and whatnot!


  6. Welcome to the new, improved same-old, Michael!