Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Used to This Writing Thing

Got to the end of another new story today. 4300 words. I think I really nailed the end. I never think I nail the end, usually because I never do nail the end. But I think got all of this one.

It needs a title, and the language needs a lot of love. But, hey! I'm looking forward to scratching on paper with pencil for a few days, then I'm going to take a final pass at "A Comedown" and sling it over someone's transom.


  1. Nice! You've been jamming with the creativity lately. I'm jealous -- I'm hoping to write a short story (the first in a looong time) as soon as I finish this marathon novel revision.

    And my offer is a standing offer, whenever ya needs feedback...

  2. Lee,

    I'm always happy to read your work...

    If your will to share with the great unread... ; )