Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can I Get a Jump?

I've been out of school a long while now, but I still have those anxiety dreams about incomplete work. Like last night, turns out I forgot all about that calculus class. I haven't done any of the problem sets, and I missed the exam. (This isn't that far from the truth, only it was the second semester of partial differential equations, I did some of the problem sets, and I did take the exam. C+. I ain't braggin'.)

Now, it is widely supposed that dreams are not always (often? ever?) what they appear, and I suspect this one was about some other unfinished business -- namely the 60,000+ words of a novel I jammed out in the first three months or so of this year. I haven't made any progress at all on it since sometime in April, and I think it's time I decided what to do: finish it, or move on to something new?

I'm close to the end, less than 5000 words, say. Reason argues strongly in favor of finishing. I mean, just a week of work or thereabouts, and I can see what I have.

Then again, Reason has been banging that drum since sometime in April. And though I think it's bad to leave any writing unfinished, I have another novel idea I'm excited about starting.

Should I listen to reason, or follow what's hot? I really don't know.


  1. I vote for follow what's hot. Enthusiasm can go a long way...

  2. Well, of course the jazz guy says follow what's hot!

    Seriously, though I worry that, if the past is any indication, I know exactly how far enthusiasm will take me -- about 60k words.

    I'm not really that worried about it, though. I've never had a problem finishing pieces. When I don't, it's usually just a few pages in, and it usually sucks big time. The thing here is I'm so close. So I'm leaning toward buckling down and finishing this up. Working on something new can be my reward for finishing the thing.

  3. So... How'd it turn out Lee?

    Good to see you blogging again by the way...

    FWIW...I have anxiety dreams like this too. Often I dream that I know I signed up for a class, but can't remember ever going to it...

  4. Hey, Mark. It's not going right now. But I'm hoping to have the manuscript in shape to enter a contest next month. We'll see. Anyway, I have decided to finish this one before beginning something new.

  5. I am extremely happy to be provided with this wonderful idea. Hope that you are fine and ready to re-start your school days!

  6. I am waiting for new creations, as it seems that you are a smart and talented author. Please, surprise us with somethign we might like!

  7. I think that you just need someone to push you. Otherwise, you cannot make up your mind and, accordingly, do not know what to do.